Review and Price of Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine model ABM551


Whirlpool washing machine model ABM551 is best recommended for families with 4 – 5 members. This machine provides you the flexibility of saving water in case of water shortage by reducing the number of rinse cycle.

Detailed review:

Price: The price of Whirlpool washing machine model ABM551 is Rs. 20,740 as on 22 Oct 2014 .

Capacity: This front load washing machine has a capacity of 5.5 Kg. This is generally sufficient for a 4 – 5 member family if they wash clothes 3 times a week.


Eco Wash: This feature makes your wash more economical by extending the wash cycle time and lowering the water temperature. Whirlpool washing machine model ABM551helps you save on power consumption.

Spin Speed: Whirlpool washing machine model ABM551 has a fixed spin speed of 600 rpm.

Biological wash: This wash program has been specially designed for heavily soiled clothes where it is washed at a high temperature of 90 C.

Wash Programs: Whirlpool washing machine model ABM551has 14 different wash programs to suit all kinds of fabric.

Half load cycle: This feature is designed to deal with small laundry loads. Here the machine takes lesser water for wash as well as rinse.

Spin cancel option: For delicate clothes, that do not require a spin dry, this machine provides a spin cancel option where the wash cycle is stopped after rinse.

Temperature range: Whirlpool washing machine model ABM551 has a variable temperature range of 0 – 90 C.

Anti-Bacterial wash: This feature is designed to kill germs and bed bugs by washing clothes at a temp greater than 80 C.

Note: You will get best results by using low foaming, high efficiency detergent. A front Loader machine dries clothes in a shorter duration of time and consumes less energy than a top loader machine. Hence the operating cost of this washing machine is lower.

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